Wounded Warrior Project

The Kirby Auto Group was honored to host a BBQ for the Wounded Warrior “Rolling Project Odyssey” at the Ventura State Beach Park on 10/6/22. Team members from all of the Kirby Dealerships, helped participate in this wonderful event. Some of our Military Veterans employed by The Kirby Auto Group also participated in the event, setting up, BBQ’ing, enjoying the festivities, cleaning up, etc..  Our Service Director from Kirby’s Barber RV who is an Army Veteran was the head BBQ chef!

What is Project Odyssey?

Project Odyssey empowers veterans living with PTSD and other invisible wounds to push beyond their known limits and develop skills to discover their best selves.

“Rolling Project Odyssey” uses motorcycle riding, and events on the road as the “adventure” and are tied back to the “experiential” learning based on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that presented during the ride.

Rolling Project Odysseys has a corporate partnership with Harley-Davidson in which helps fuel this mission through their “Operation Personal Freedom” campaign.

For more details, success stories, program benefits, activities, resources, and more about Project Odyssey, please click here https://bit.ly/3DpJbIK

The Kirby Auto Group Loves to Help!